Naming and Framing

May 18th, 2009

The committee brainstormed and discussed the graphical platform for Desktop Olympics. After careful crafting we ended up with a simple, monochrome logotype that subtly connotes our heritage to the ancient games yet expresses a new context:


The Desktop Olympic committee shares their working space with other fine Brain Workers at the Magdalena Festival: a workshop called Embodied Vision hosted by Michael Smyth. The committee had the other group test-run Notepad Slalom and Mouse Boxing. In their ajoining presentation the committee stressed the socialising aspects of Desktop Olympic sports: unlike most (online) computer games they are meant to be played together in the same room, on the same computer.

Invitations, reappropriation, unfinished situations were the buzzwords of the evening.

Getting Cracking

May 17th, 2009

The committee finished the work on definin the long-term, overarching strategies and then got to work. All progress were documented on the shared Google Docs workspace.

The web team elaborated the strategy and scope for the Desktop Olympics internet presence. They also started sketching on the information architechture. At the same time web strategy and started sketching on the information architecture of

The Event team has scouted various promising locations in Maribor, and has decided on using the Main Square for the olympic event.

The sport development team has been hard at work refining, innovating and testing the olympic disciplines. Promising new disciplines are Mouse Boxing and Tug-of-word.

Thanks to the communications team, the desktop olympic hype is amassing through photos, videos, friends/fans and tweets.

You know, our world is getting increasingly mediated:

Projecteering and What Iz-ing

May 16th, 2009

The committee assembled on the sunny shores of the river Drava and drafted mighty todo-lists. The committee divided responsibilities according to Sport Design, Event design, Communication”, Website, and Project organisation.


A new ideation tool, the Unsworn Heartwheel, was then successfully utilised to establish the important use qualites of the event, the sports and the community. The critical dimensions of the initiative were incorporated and turned into this statement:

To create a fun event that will increase offline-socialization with a secondary goal of giving the idea and example or re-appropriating existing materials (evoke creativity) and pinching the brain about today’s society. The second goal is emphasized through paraphrasing the ancient Olympic Games, implemented in today´s context.

Finally, a dedicated section of the committee spent the evning researching the event design of the Eurovision Song Contest finals in Moscow. Pyrotechnics, wind-machines and ridiculously large stages seem to be the key elements of successful spectacle-design.

User Testing

May 15th, 2009

Intense user testing at Mediamix

After a brief session of refining yesterday´s sports the committee walked on a user-test excursion to Mediamix - an advertising agency with employees that are known for their excellent keyboard-stamina and mousewheel dexterity. How would the committees freshly designed olympic disciplines fare in a real-world office environment?

Silly smiles and sore scroll-thumbs were obvious signs of success!

During the debriefing session in the lucious Mediamix garden gazebo, Croatian Method Man Ivica assisted the committee with insights and reflections on user testing best practices.

Big thanks to Mediamix managing director, Marko, for allowing the committee to expose his valuable workforce to untested and potentially mind-boggling technological reappropriations.

Birth of the Desktop Olympic Committee

May 14th, 2009

After excellent and inspiring introductions by the handsome Swedish chairmen, the offical Desktop Olympic committee was formed in an old water tower by the river Drava in Maribor, Slovenia.


The committee got straight to work on defining the seven disciplines  Several promising proposals (Folder Weight Lifting, Scroll Racing, Folder Wrestling, to name a few) were put to intense test during a one hour of mini-olympic battles. Spirits were high and committee members were awarded with gold medals, trophies and diplomas for excellent sport design, communication and athletics skills.

No mice were injured during the design of the sports.