Desktop Olympics is an offshoot of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. Just like the ancient Greeks once made their everyday objects into props of competition and play (discs, spears etc.), Desktop Olympians reappropriate artefacts of our times for competitive and playful purposes. In Desktop Olympics, athletes compete with computer mice, qwerty keyboards and office computers in various, new disciplines, ranging from double-keyboard-notepad-fencing to double-mouse-folder-wrestling.

Desktop Olympic Committee

Current members of the committee - formed May 2009 in Maribor, Slovenia - are:

Sarah Baron Brljevic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Mia Bogovac (Zagreb, Croatia)
Damir Zekic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Klemen Trupej (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Sspela Majer (Maribor, Slovenia)
Ana Cvejic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Dora Durkesac (Zagreb, Croatia)
Oleg Suran (Split, Croatia)
Mirko Andric (Zadar, Croatia)
Magnus Torstensson (Malmö, Sweden)
Erik Sandelin (Malmö, Sweden)